27 thoughts on “What’s your favorite coochie type?”

  1. o.O are you expecting us to answer? ……um….. do I have to?

    I think I saw this from one of the documentaries about vaginas; women and their insecurities over the look of their vaginas. Some girls actually go through surgery to trip their labias because they want to look like ‘the ideal’ woman.

    As the ladies in the Vagina Monologues said… “You can’t love vaginas if you don’t love hair. It’s the lawn around the house, the leaf around the flower. You can’t pick and choose the parts you want.”

  2. C8 is odd, eh? o.o Maybe it’s a transgendered woman?

    I don’t have favourites… but I will say that B6 is looking very familiar. Hm…

  3. Looks like B8 might have had a lot of fun right before the impression/photo was taken. I’m also growing fond of B2; that clit’s just jumping right out of there.

  4. I don’t understand the whole surgery to get a different looking one. The chance of nerve damage, scaring, and other side effects seems way too sever of a risk for something like that. I’m also of the opinion that if a guy has his head down there for a close up look then he’s past the point of caring about details and quite frankly only a complete moron would choose that time to complain. He wouldn’t be getting any release that time or any other after that.

  5. Outside looks like B1 inside B5… But women should be happy with what they have. Even if your inner labia shows a lot. Funny how most of the guys picked the Vagina’s that are NOT shaped to orgasm durning penetration! lol. Only about 30% of women cum during vaginal intercourse. Good luck figuring out which are more sensitive!

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