8 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. I think these are really well done and cute. Too bad they will prob never show in the States because, OMG there is a boobie with nip showing. Maybe if we get over that obsessive hangup then spreading breast cancer awareness could go much smoother.

  2. Kick cancer’s ass! Lovely posters! I remember when I was a kid, I saw artwork on breasts, but I didn’t see the breasts, just the artwork. It wasn’t until my dad pointed out that there were boobs in the photo did I understand. I was maybe 10 at the time.It didn’t scar me, it didn’t traumatise me. They’re breasts; they feed the newborn, they’re a woman’s prized asset, and they are vulnerable to sickness as well. They should not be seen as filthy or offensive.


    oxox Bella; you fight that battle as hard as you can!

  3. I’m giving it my all, Miss Silver. Thank You. Do your exams Ladies and keep those puppies intact!

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