3 thoughts on “Where the Hell is Sheila?”

  1. A guy walks into a bar and says “I’ve had the worst day in my life. I got fired from my job, I found out my wife was having an affair with my cousin, my parents died, and my kids ran away. I want the strongest drink you can possibly serve.”
    The bartender replies “Well, we don’t have a name for this drink, but it’s made with tequila, rose’s lime juice, tomato flavored vodka, stout beer, chartreuse, cream, green creme de menthe, absinthe, and scotch.”
    “Fine”, says the guy, and he proceeds to drink 6 of them over the course of an hour, and staggers out of the bar.
    A week later, the guy returns to the bar and sits down, and says “man, I was really sick from those drinks last week.”
    “Well”, replies the bartender, “that may be so, but you are famous amongst my regular customers. Not one has ever drank one of those, and you downed 6 of them!”
    “You don’t understand, I went home and blew chunks.”
    “I can understand, I would get sick if I drank 6 of those things.”
    “You don’t understand, man,” said the customer, “Chunks is my dog.”

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