8 thoughts on “Jon Benet Ramsey Memorial Beauty Set”

  1. I was thinking the same thing Infi. Must have been approved by her parent, Dad, for copyright or name recognition or else he should sue their ass off. They’ve never found her killer. Pretty little Princess. The deviants be out there.

  2. So fucking wrong. Bad taste. Just not right, man. Bad enough that these pageants sexualise these kids (tons of make up, they don’t look like kids anymore!) this kid was strangled to death! I mean… I… what…. someone get me a pen and paper and some books, I’m writing my PhD off of this.

  3. I think I can make out a Made in Taiwan. also gotta love the tagline “make your child look old before her time” so true. fucking creepy that stuff. If you want to see true horror, go look at business websites of people who photoshop these little girls’ photos for pageant submissions. Even the most well done look truly horrifying.

    Granted, I don’t advise this if you have a severe doll phobia. They have those exact same glassy eyed stare and freakishly smooth skin.

  4. Oh yeah, Manticore, I know what you’re talking about! They think they’re doing what the kids want when really they’re imposing their ideas and goals onto their kids, teaching their kids that looks is all that matters. And when people say that they’re sexualizing their kids by applying so much make up on, they call these people sick, when in reality it is exactly what they’re doing.

    Make up is to play up femininity and sexuality, and by sticking false lashes and red lips onto a child’s face, you’re SEXUALIZING the poor kid. Say no to child pageants!

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