21 thoughts on “In the basket – 2 points”

  1. I have seen a lot of weird and wrong things on the internet, but i have not seen this before! This has to hurt, hasn’t it? I have seen a bald guy stick his head in the hole before, but his head was actually smaller..


    Just wow…

  2. Much as I like the ideia of this, I’m calling it fake until someone convinces me of the contrary…

    … by means of a video clip.

  3. I’m going with fake.. the ball doesnt look very three dimensional to me and it has an odd light source that doesnt seem to match any others in the room nor what would have been a camera flash. but if its real, i feel bad for whoever goes next O.o

  4. Ok, thank you to those that pointed out fake. I took only a quick look and was horrified, but after reading the points about lighting ect I dared a second look and completely agree it’s faked. It’s one of those things you just don’t want to look at long enough to determine if it’s real or not at first.

  5. My first thought when seeing this “What the F*ing Shit!!!” And it took me like 2 minutes to type this because I kept misspelling. That image will forever be burned in my head. Thanks……….

  6. Whilst I understand all the comments about the pic being fake (which yes it does it does look very odd). However why would you bother faking a pic with such an ugly woman, surely if your gonna do this you would choose a nice looking lady

  7. Dry ball is a good point. Also, if you look closely, doesn’t it seem like the ball is in better focus than it’s surroundings? And doesn’t it seem like said surroundings kind of “sit” atop where her mons and perinium should be? As it is, she seems to me to be lacking both a clitoris and an anus. I might be wrong, but don’y women usually need at least one of those to… I don’t know, live?

    Also, am I the only one who rather likes this?

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