One day at the funeral home

One day as a director of a funeral home is finishing up some paperwork the mortician runs into his office.

“You got to come quick!” the mortician says, flailing his arms in the air.

With haste the director leaps out from his chair and frantically follows the mortician to the room where the bodies are prepared.

“There,” the mortician says, pointing at the body of a woman, “in her vagina. There seems to be a jumbo shrimp. Isn’t that peculiar?”

The director puts his glasses on and takes a closer look. Upon inspection the director replies, “That’s no jumbo shrimp. That’s her clitoris.”

Baffled and embarrassed by such an error the mortician replies, “Sure tasted like jumbo shrimp.”



1 thought on “One day at the funeral home”

  1. -with Arabic accent- And you Ameeeericans wonder why we hate you!

    But seriously man, that was sick. I’m a bit put off from eating shrimps in the near future.

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