Celebrity Butplugs

Celebrity-buttplugsCelebrity Buttplugs have the likeness of famous people. Thus far, they have…

  • George W. Tush
  • Smell Gibson (Braveheart Edition)
  • Parass Hilton

They’ll also make a”custom buttplug” for you, if you send them a close-up photo of someone, perhaps yourself, your ex, or whatever turns you on.

Soon to be available is an “expander” for the Dubya model that squeezes air into his head, expanding his ego, and increasing your pleasure.

Visit Celebrity Buttplugs at: http://www.celebritybuttplugs.com


Thanks Brian G

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Butplugs”

  1. The Obama Butt Plug – comes with artfiicial teeth to totally reem you, plus it leaves no aftertaste.
    The Pelosi Butt Plug – very small, made especially for little tight-asses.
    The Harry Reid Butt Plug – comes in 5 flavors.

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