11 thoughts on “Ink pen dispenser”

    • How much?
      I have something much, much worse. Mike, just put the check in the mail and you won’t see it.
      (hmmmmm, I could make a fortune not posting stuff)

  1. I want one…

    also, an ink pen, while unsafe, isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen guys sound with. Toothbrushes, screwdrivers, all kinds of things. Don’t watch the screwdriver vid if you possess a penis. Blood eeeeeeeeverywhere.

  2. i now understand why they have those ‘do not insert in penis’ warning on the sets of small screwdrivers.

    • I, for one, and I’m sure most other guys DON’T need that warning. But there are a few weirdos out there who would try that anyway.

  3. Jonco, whatever it is you’ve got in your “Vile File” please let it remain there. I need eye bleach after that .gif, I couldn’t anything worse than that…XD

  4. O.M.G. this can never be unseen.

    how does one even get the idea to do something this disgusting? and even if you do, the courage to try it?

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