Hitting the back of a semi at 120 mph

This is what happens when you slam into the back of a tractor trailer when you’re doing 120 mph.

Motorcycle crash


The truck driver said he thought he felt the impact, and saw parts of the motorcycle fly past him so he pulled over.


Apparently his helmet was stuck in the back end of the trailer and he was dragged like this until the truck stopped.    Witnesses and State Police say the motorcyclist was traveling at 120 mph when he ran into the back of the moving semi-truck.

The rider was killed in the accident.

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21 thoughts on “Hitting the back of a semi at 120 mph”

  1. Holy shit. I’ve seen some pretty gory stuff on the internet of guys being splattered on the road by a big truck because they were speeding and weren’t wearing helmets; twas a nightmarish sight. Blood and brains everywhere.

    This guy is lucky. These pics will be a hit on his facebook page.

  2. Not sure why the variant is circulating that this guy lived. He didn’t. Maybe people feel better about looking at pics of a live guy than a dead guy..

    The guys name was Brandon Lee, the fatal accident happened near Tulsa, OK

    • I should have checked snopes.com before I posted it. While most of the story is accurate the rider did not survive the accident. I’ll change it to reflect that.

  3. Still, I’ve seen worse. Think; no helmet, two on a bike meets a big truck. Blood and brains everywhere.

    He died with his head intact, at least.

  4. Wow. I feel bad…for the trucker, the ambulance crew, and any witnesses.

    At least one of his friends or family will say “He died doing what he loved.” Well, there ya go…good for him!

  5. i can’t believe you have the indecency and disrespect to show this. You have just publicly shown a mans fatal and untimely crash and then have the audacity to make fun of it. What disrespect. And don;t give me the “if i didn’t post it some one else would” speech cause you know what, leave it to some one else then. turn the situation around how would you like it if your family had to see this post and comment section. I am no longer visiting this site because of this. you had a good thing going until this.

  6. None – Get a grip. I’ve been riding for over a decade and have known quite a few people who have died on bikes, including a couple I’d consider friends. This could have been a pic of one of them. While every one of us ends up in some kind of accident, we riders know who is definitely going to get seriously hurt or killed at some point. We try to get them to ride smarter, but they rarely listen. Seeing pics like this wakes a few of them up. I hate looking at them, but I’m glad they are up.

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