12 thoughts on “Brutal knife attack”

  1. A good video showing why law-abiding citizens should be allowed to carry.

    Reminds me of a saying: “ATF–Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: should be a convenient store, not a government agency”

  2. Maybe he was updating his facebook status first. “Oh shit, some random dude just came in and started knifing! Baljeet is bleeding by the throat and I’m bleeding on the head! But I shot the fucker, LOL!” You know how it is. Facebook takes priority.

  3. Paul – not long–but the question then becomes: how long does it take the police and ambulance to show up? Too long to help the victims.

  4. Once, it took the fire service 30 minutes to respond to a call we mad about a neighbour’s house smoking up. By the time they got there, the house could have been burnt to the ground; but thankfully, the neighbours arrived home at the same time the fire service pulled around. Turns out it was a pot of gravy left heating on the stove. -_- But that long for them to respond; goodness, it’s scary to think.

  5. Tim, you clearly did not understand what Paul was talking about. It took that guy like 30 seconds to dial the phone number. I’m sure Paul wasn’t making a statement about how he should 911 first before defending himself.

    That was on psycho crazed dude, just slashing at people for no reason.

  6. The amazing thing that the injured shooter (who clearly wasn’t aiming) missed the defender’s head and shot the attacker’s knee just 2 inches away..

    That’s lucky 🙂

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