16 thoughts on “Buff Thing”

  1. LOL It’s ok Infi, the bad ‘man’ won’t hurt you if you smile and walk away. XD I’ll protect you! I can also protect her from that fashion crime; baby blue tartan skirt with a warm purple tan top, wtf lady?!

  2. Miss Silver – can we really be sure that’s a lady? I’m thinking that it’d be a very confusing moment when the results come back from DNA testing…probably X? instead of XX. Keep them guessing!

  3. I think I’m pretty ok with this since I’ve done a bit of gender studies, and my definition of feminine and masculine is pretty broad. That and I’m all for that is queer.

    I still think her outfit choice is terrible; match that skirt with a white top, or that top with a black skirt or something. Her ambiguous gender status doesn’t bother me as much as that fashion crime; murder, I say! THAT TOP CLASHES WITH THAT SKIRT! RAGE!

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