Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report

MelissaleewilliamsmugshotMeet Melissa Lee Williams.  The West Virginia woman, 41, is facing assault and weapons charges after allegedly waving a knife at two men who declined her demands to engage in sexual conduct at a West Virginia motor inn.

The October 22 incident is detailed in an amusing/gross Jackson County Sheriff’s Department report.


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6 thoughts on “Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report”

  1. How bad was that pussy to have repulsed the men even at knife point? I don’t want to know… but I can only assume that it’s of mustard gas potency.

  2. The use of quotation marks to indicate an exact statement is one of my favourite tools in report writing. Criminals say the dumbest things, especially when drunk. Don’t think I want to know about the corroberating evidence though…..

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