7 thoughts on “An unhappy motorist”

  1. it is older, but it’s a classic and i love it. the tropper did the right thing and kept being nice. haha

    my other favorite video (and i can’t find it right now) is a cop pulls over some lady (you can only hear her on the video, you never see her). when he comes back with a ticket her response is “i thought you don’t ticket pretty ladies.” the cop replies “what?!” again she repeats herself and then the cop replies “you’re right we don’t,sign here.”

  2. OH! I’ve GOTTA find THAT video! That seems like it’d be hilarious!

    As for this cop, good job being cool and calm. Let the idiot freak out all he wants. However, there’s a lot of cops that might not be so…calm.

  3. it’s something i’ve seen on trutv before during one of their “wildest traffic stop shows” or something


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