A-B-C’s of sex

A is for Anal, in the back door;
B is for Bottom, fucked red-raw.
C is for Cunt, tight and new;
D is for Dick, ready to screw.
E is for Enter, front or behind;
F is for Fuck, a nice long grind.
G is for Grope, a stolen feel;
H is for Horn, that’ll make her squeal.
I is for In, right up to the top;
J is for Jism, dripping with slop.
K is for Kiss, a man or a miss;
L is for Labia, I’m longing to kiss.
M is for Minge, what an ace place;
N is for Nuts, to slap in her face.
O is for Oral, make her mouth full;
P is for Penis, and for a Pull.
Q is for Quim, push it right in;
R is for Roger, and even a Rim.
S is for Shit, and also for Stool;
T is for Titties, a Toss or a Tool.
U is for Udders, full and round;
V is for Virgin, never to be found.
W is for Willy, longing to be sated;
X is for X-rated, let’s get mated.
Y is for Yelp, when you spank;
Z is for Zoo, where the monkeys are frank and show you six ways of having a wank.


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