20 thoughts on “Clinton endorses Bachmann for President”

  1. this is the woman who wants to eliminate porn. The fact that any man would vote for her just because they want to put their penis in her baffles me.

  2. ^ Sorta similar to the reason a lot of women voted for a tall, dark, and handsome guy with a deep voice, who, as it turns out, has nothing between his big ears.

  3. THE FINGERNAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really? All y’all think someone with 1/2 inch fingernails should be anywhere near the “button”?

  4. the EPAs regulations are a big part of our high unemployment and economic mess we are in,and each state can handle its enviromental problems we dont need the feds to do it,much like the department of energy and the department of education they have done nothing since the day they were created,care to comment on that and name some of the things they have done

  5. Infi, how are 50 states going to regulate their own automobile emissions? If they did, you’d have a lot more expensive cars. It was bad enough when Calif. did it, and they made the regulations tougher. Do you want the auto makers to build to suit the least common denominator, like maybe having Rhode Island dictate what all other states end up living with?

  6. Infi – Don’t forget the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Now there is a group of useless bureaucrats that are not needed.

  7. We can also thank the EPA for the new RRP Lead Paint laws. It now costs a lot more to work on older homes, many of which are owned by the people who can afford it the least.

    Thanks for all of the additional expense of training, recordkeeping, materials and labor!

    Eliminate the Departments of Energy and Education while they are at it! Let the states do it!

  8. Hell, let’;s disband ALL government departments and agencies, including defense. Let’s make all 50 states build their own airports, their own dams, their own interstates, their own hospitals, their own railroads, their own rules and regulations for everything. Let’s make every state maintain their own army, navy, and air force. Let’s make every state design and pay for their own judicial system. And so what if Colorado builds a bunch of dams to keep their water in their state. Who in Colorado is going to care about Arizona and California? So what if Georgia dams the Suwannee River to keep all that water? After all, it’s only going to Florida , and who cares about that state? The only problem is we will have to change the name of our country to the Disunited States of America.

  9. Weird how you libs see things in such extremes, or maybe that’s just the only way you’re able to understand them. It’s not always all black or all white…there ARE shades of grey in all these matters, but you seem to lack the basic ability to understand that. Who, other than you, is suggesting state navies? That would be, well… Here, let me help you: http://www.usconstitution.net/const.html

  10. Wow, so you post a link to the Constitution. Good on you. And you call me on my request for Ohio and all those other land locked states to have navies. So you nitpick on my sarcasm. Good on you. However, you cannot refute the basis of my argument, which is that government provides services that are required for the day to day living in this country. Tell us how Ohio is going to build airports, build dams, build interstates, build hospitals, and build railroads without outside help. So therefore, you and your ilk, when you can’t attack the message, you attack the messenger. Rational, intelligent, and positive people understand my point. So sad that you don’t.

  11. Uh, Paul, there are already Army, Navy and Air Force Reserve units in every state. Every state already has their own judicial system. Most hospitals are privately built. Airports are financed by municipal bonds. Railroads are run by private companies. And I’d be interested in hearing how you would build a dam in the Okefenokee Swamp. Come on Paul, you used to be a rational thinker. Maybe the hopey changey thing finally got to you. Of course, we need some of the Departments and Agencies. That is not the argument, and you should know it…

  12. I still don’t understand how streamlining, consolidating, or eliminating some of the useless or redundant gov’t agencies would somehow mean mo federal military, interstate system, or courts.

    Read about the Dept of Education and what they “do”, and tell me those 5000 people, with a budget of $71,000,000,000.00, are all vital.

    (BTW, fyi Ohio’s not landlocked. We and the other seven Great Lake states receive ships from all over the globe at ports on all five lakes.)

  13. You ain’t seen nothin yet, in a minute when she makes a road trip to the pastry stand it’ll be known as the Bachmann turnover drive

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