The story of Mildred and Chester

Mildred and Chester knew each other from childhood but were in their seventies when they got married.
They had to wait for Mildred’s mother to pass away first. Back in those days there was no hanky-panky before marriage so Chester and Mildred were both still virgins.
Needless to say, Chester was pretty excited on their wedding night, having waited so patiently all these years.
However, Mildred was very apprehensive as she had developed a heart condition and would have to tell Chester that they could not “do it.”
  Chester is now sitting on the bed wanting Mildred to hurry up. He detects a little reluctance on her part. Thinking that she is shy he sends her off to the bathroom to get undressed. When she reappears in her satin nightie, he gets her to sit next to him on the bed. Not knowing how to get things started, he pulls the first strap on her nightie. She blushes just as red as the nightie. She is really concerned about telling Chester about her heart condition. In the meantime Chester is looking at the first breast he has seen up close since his own mother’s. It is hanging there down to her belly button, gravity having taken its toll over some sixty years. He realizes her anxiety but figures she is going to have to be helped a little more, so he pulls the second strap and sees the second breast unroll downward before him.
Poor Mildred is now beside herself. She is going to have to tell Chester about her heart. With a quivering voice and mustering up all her courage, she says, ” Chester , I have acute angina.”

Chester says, “I hope so, ’cause you’ve sure got some ugly tits.”

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  1. The same jokes get recycled every year, and each year they get longer and longer. This used to be a one-liner, now it’s a freaking essay :O

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