Euphemisms for boobs

Air Bags Macaroons
Angel Cakes Magumbos
Apple Dumpling Shop Majumbas
Apples Mambos
Aspirins on an Ironing Board Mammaries
Babaloos Mammaroonies
Baby Pillows Mammoths
Balloons Mangos
Bangers Maracas
Bangles Marangos
Bassoons Marimbas
Baubles Marshmallows
Bazongas Mau Maus
Bazooms Meat Loaves
Beacons Meatballs
Bean Bags Melons
Bebops Milk Bottles
Bee Stings Milk Cans
Betty and Wilmas Milk Fountains
Betty Boops Milk Shakes
Big Boppers Milk Wagons
Bigguns Missiles
Bikini Stuffers Mogambos
Billibongs Mountains
Blinkers Muchachas
Blouse Bunnies Muffins
Bologna Bags Mulligans
Bomboostas Mushmelons
Bonbons Nancies
Bongos Nectarines
Boobies Niblets
Boozies Ninnies
Bosoms Nippers
Bottles Nippies
Bodacious Tatas Nodules
Boulders Noogies
Bouncers Nubbies
Bronskis Nugs
Bullets Oompas
Bumpers Oranges
Butterbags Orbs
Butterballs Ottomans
Cannon Balls Pair
Cans Pagodas
Cantaloupes Palookas
Carumbas Pantry Shelves
Casabas Papayas
Cha-Chas Parabolas
Charlies Party Hats
Charms Paw Patties
Cherry pies Peaches
Chesticles Peaks
Chestnuts Pears
Chi-Chis Peepers
Chimichongas Pendulums
Coconuts Pillows
Cream Pies Pink-Nosed Puppies
Cupcakes Pips
Dingers Pointer Sisters
Dinghies Pompons
Dingoes Pool Toys
Dinner Plates Potatoes
Dirigibles PT Boats
Double Whammies Pumpkins
Droopies Puppies
Dueling Banjos Quarts of Love
Dumplings Queen Jewels
Dunes Rack
Ear Muffs Rangoons
Eggplants Rib Balloons
Eyes Rib Cushions
Enchiladas Rockets
Fairy Pillows Roundies
Feeding Bottles Saggers
Flapjacks Sandbags
Flappers Satan’s Love Pillows
Flesh Bulbs Scones
Flesh Melons Scoops
Floaters Shakers
Floppers Shebas
Fog Lights Shimmies
Front Bottom Shmeebs
Fun Bags Silos
Gagas Ski Slopes
Gazingas Skin Sacks
Gazongas Smoothies
Glands Snoobs
Globes Snuggle Pups
Grapefruits Spheres
Guavas Spongecakes
Hand Warmers Spuds
Headlamps Stacks
Headlights Sweater Meat
Hills Sweet Rolls
Honeydews Swingers
Honkers Tamales
Hoohas Tatas
Hooters Teats
Hottentots Tetons
Huffies Tidbits
Humdingers Titters
Jaboos Titties
Jawbreakers Tomatoes
Jibs Tooters
Jugs Torpedoes
Jumbos Twangers
Kazongas Twin Peaks
Knobs Twofers
Knockers Umlauts
Kumquats Waldos
Lactoids Warheads
Loaves Watermelons
Loblollies Whoppers
Love Bubbles Wobblers
Love Melons Wongas
Love Muffins Yabbos
Lulus Yams
Lungs Zeppelins


4 thoughts on “Euphemisms for boobs”

  1. I have felt or touched 37 of these. 38 if a Tidbit is the same as a IimBit.

    A TimBit is AKA a donut-hole. Oops, Have I started another thread…

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