8 thoughts on “The wild world of penis sizes”

  1. I’m am from Venezuela, in the metric system i’m 1,88 m tall, 6’2″, and i have 17,5 cm long, i guess that information is accurate.

  2. i just sent hot tea through my nostrils reading this one it was so funny. this chart was made by hugo chavez. lol. i worked construction job for 2 years with central/south american guys. many of those dudes are like 4’9″ tall…and those are the tall ones. i am just 6’1″ tall but their nickname for me was “gigante” (giant). haha. a 7 inch (about 16.5 cm) dong on one of these short dudes would look like a foot long dong on a 6 foot tall guy. this chart suggests central/south american guys are all hung like shaq while ethiopians are hung like mini-me. haha! the netherlands are the tallest people in the world and many men there are literally two feet taller than central americans. no way the tallest men in the world are sporting cork screws while my friend hector from ecuador (who isn’t as tall as my 10 year old nephew) is likely packing massive salami.

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