12 thoughts on “Caption contest – 216”

  1. When I bring the girl to my place she is already serious and wants to make love. So, I being a perfect gentleman accommodate her every wish.

    First, I go slow and easy in the foreplay.
    Next, I get the condom and three cotton balls.
    Now, I put on the condom, she thank me, no want pregnancy; it ruin everything.
    Then, I put a cotton ball in left ear, then I tear one in half and place one half in right nostril and the other in the left nostril. Now she is curious as to what I am doing.
    Before I place the other cotton ball in right ear, I say this…I life me cannot stand two things. One is the sound of a screaming woman and the other is the smell of burning rubber.

    Here is the evidence of my lovemaking.

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