Finishing up in the bathroom

Steve is alone in the men’s room, finishing up and about to leave. A stranger walks in with no arms. The armless stranger looks at Steve sadly, nods down towards his own pants and says, “Sir, can you please help me.” Steve sighs, but decides to be nice and maybe pick up some karma along the way.

The two men walk over to one of the urinals together, Steve unzips the man’s pants, and out flops the nastiest dick Steve has ever seen. There are open wounds seeping pus. There are raised black scars coursing along the sides. It smells diseased. At this point, Steve is fighting back nausea, but he gently holds the guy’s penis until he finishes, shakes it off, puts it back in and zips the guy’s pants back up for him.

Afterward, the guy sincerely thanks Steve. Steve says, “No problem, but I have to know… What’s wrong with your pecker?” The guy pushes his arms through his shirt sleeves and responds, “I don’t know but I’m not touching the fucking thing.”