4 thoughts on “Boyfriend Went Vegan”

  1. Really !!!….wow gotta be the stupidest commercial I have ever seen, I am going out now to have a prime rib followed with some KFC for desert

  2. Yeah, the whole sexual performance being better based on some assumption that vegans are better fit, and therefore better in bed, is pretty baseless. Honestly, looking at many of the vegan women I’ve known who can braid their underarmhair and apparently don’t believe in soap, I’ll stick with the ones who’ll…eat meat.

  3. My wife is a vegetarian and will even comment when she sees vegans that they look unhealthy. It just doesn’t seem like a diet that allows you to get enough proper proteins and such.

  4. The vegan diet is a bit pricier than a normal balanced diet. I can see people cutting out some meat like beef or pork, but cutting out all meat isn’t that good for you. People that have regular to slow metabolisms are perfect for the vegan diet, but the few that have fast metabolisms need the extra calories that meat has.

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