6 thoughts on “Interesting take on 65-70 MPG cars and why they’re not available here”

  1. All roads, city, county, state and federal are subsidized by the federal government. Gas tax does very little to cover the cost of building and maintaining those roads. Most of the roadway costs are paid for via property and sales taxes.

    I’m willing to bet the real reason those high milage automobiles are not being made available here in the States is due to the elected officials who suck at the tit of the fossil fuel industry. If cars got twice as much milage, then the fuel providers sell half as much product.

  2. This is all old news to most who pay attention. If you have not been distracted by mass media and mindless music and television the last 40 years. The veil they hide behind is the fact that high mileage cars. Have very little or inferior emission controls. So those cars are banned because they do not meet air quality standards.

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  4. I own a VW Jetta TDI, bought right here in good old Cali. I get 35-57MPG. In 2009, the Jetta TDI won the “green” award for least air pollutants released by a vehicle, I don’t know what the actual award was called. I have seen this video clip in the past, but my main problem with it is that the UK would not rate any of their vehicles at MPG. The VW Golf in the UK is rated at liters per KM, not MPG. If you do the conversion it is very close to what the TDI’s in the US already get. However, I do agree that the US Government is holding the cards in the car wars! Soon, we will all be driving those awful, gutless Prius cars. UGGGGHHH! I can’t use light bulbs that work, eat my Big Macs in peace, go topless, or smoke!

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