Funny Team Names

Need a good risque name for your trivia team?  I guerss they’d work for your bowling team or your softball team or your volleyball team or any other team?  How about…

Animals * The Anaconda Gaggers * Baby Seals Club * Chimpanzees Love Finger Food * Choke the Goat * Cobra Kai * The Fighting Mongooses * The Pheasant Pluckers * A Seal Walked Into A Club * The Squirrel Grippers * The Turkey Basters

Sexual & Shit * Areola 51 * The Bar Stool Samples * Bag of Dicks * Balls of Nerve * The Bar Stool Softeners * Buster Highman and the Penetrators * The Cock Goblins * Copafilia * Crotch Waffles * The Cunning Stunts * Deaf Woman Ear Sex * Define Statutory * Fart Jizz * Fist Is A Verb * Fisted Sisters * Fists of Justice * The Jizz Farts * Kentucky Fried Nipples * Mass Debate * Mister Carriage * The Muff Cuffs * Multiple Scorgasms * The Nipple Ticklers * Nuns in Bondage * Potent Potables * Pull Out & Quiz On Her Face * Quiz On My Tits * S Team D * Sit On My Facebook * Socks Up Pants Down * Spooning Leads to Forking * Team DVDA – All For One & Four For Her * Team No Lube * Turds of Misery * Twisted Fisters * I Twittered All Over Her Facebook * Uncles with Benefits * Vaginal Ecosystem * The Well Hungarians * The 72s. (a 69 with 3 fingers up her ass) * Bukkake Tsunami

Music/Movies * Bridge to Tera-trivia * Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber * Cum On Eileen * Full Mental Jacket * The Jedi Lite * My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts * Mystery Science Trivia 3000 * Pirates of the Cari-trivian III: At Wits End * Quizzard of Oz * Smokey and the Bandwidth * They Who Shall Not Be Named * The Titanic Swim Team * Trivia Newton John: Let’s Get Quizzical * Yoda’s Choadas

Pop Culture * Abusement Park * Ebeneezer Splooge * The Greased Up Deaf Guys * I Thought This Was Cash Cab * Jamie Lee Coitus * Nefertiti’s Cunt * The Never Nudes * Oedipus and the Motherfuckers * Patty O’Furniture * Pirates of the Perineum * Prestige Worldwide * The Ron Swanson Experience * Touched By An Uncle * Wacky Wailing Inflatable Flailing Arm Tube Men! * Walking Talking Steven Hawkings * William Shatner-Face * O’Trivia Newton John

To Be Read Aloud * The Bill and Melinda Gate Installation Company * Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap * I Found My Daughter on YouPorn * I’ll Drink To That! * I Took Anatomy in Braille * “I Wish This Microphone Was A Penis.” * In Coitus, there’s an O! Then I comes before U. * In One Ear and Out Your Mother * In Third Place * It’s Not Rape If You Yell, “Surprise!” * Man-Chest-Hair United * “My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don’t.” * No, I Said “Pianist” * “Please Evacuate The Building: This Is Not A Test” * Season Ticket Holders to Neverland Ranch * Smell Map Who * Tempura House: A Shelter For Lightly Battered Women * Team Stepdad: You Hate Us, We Beat You. * Uncle Touchy’s Puzzle Basement * The Whimsical Whiskey Barrel of Love * Cheap Horse

Quiz / Intelligence * Actrivia! * Artificial Stupidity * Drinks and Thinks * The Ein Steins * Fact Hunt * First as Trivia, Then as Farce * The Gee Whiz-ards * It’s My Quiz In a Box * It’s Not Small, It’s Just Trivial * Let’s Get Down to Quizness * Mentally Challenged * The Nation of Quizlam * The Nerd Herd * The Periodic Table Dancers * Quiz In My Pants * Quizzers with Attitude * Sexually Transmitted Knowledge

Not-So Current Events * Barack Also Beats Paper * The Baracktobers * Gays for Rick Perry * Hog Wild for Swine Flu * Hung Like Hussein * Kim Jung No Longer Ill * Michael Vick’s Kennel Club * The Olymprics * Pregnancy: The One Thing Arnold Couldn’t Terminate * Parasalin’ with Sarah Palin * Rock You Like a Herman Cain * SARS Allstars * The Real Housewives of Newt Gingrich * What’s Shakin’, Haiti?

Random * Big Hair Country * The Drunken Masters * My Brother the Hamburger * Suicide Hotline Comedians * Your Mom Can’t Wrestle, But You Should See Her Box * Gary Busey’s Teeth



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