Concubine Masturbator

Concubine masturbatorIf you stare very hard at this thing, it looks a little bit like an alien fly with a wispy moustache. And that is the only, only possible way to look at it without screaming in terror at the mangled car crash horror before you. It’s an insane tribute to man’s sexual indecision: “I want boobs! And I want a vagina! Right next to each other, so I can see them both at once! And – and the tip of another dude’s penis? I guess?”  Ah well. If nothing else, it might give DC some ideas about their next redesign of Catwoman.

Most dubious line from the official description:
“They are very nice to hold and squeeze, and have cute perky nipples.”

Concubine Masturbator  –  $115 


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