Sushi Bar Forced to Change It’s Name

Fukyu sushi bar

A Montreal restaurant has been ordered to put up a new sign, after the name “Fukyu Bar à Sushi” was said to be in bad taste by a Quebec Superiour Court judge.

Named after a type of kata practised in Japanese martial arts, “Fukyu” may have been a hit with certain diners who snickered and took pictures of the sign outside the recently-opened Côte des Neiges restaurant.

It was less amusing to the judge, who sided with the Jean Talon St. restaurant’s landlord and neighboring tenants.

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1 thought on “Sushi Bar Forced to Change It’s Name”

  1. Oh, sighhhh… It’s too bad that the society at large can’t take a good joke any more. ‘Fukyu’ probably has a legitimate translation in Japan, or is a Noble family name, but I haven’t researched it yet.

    I’m putting together a Hot Dog vending wagon In Seward using an old 28 foot Airstream. It looks like a giant hot dog. My friends and I have thought of LOTS of inappropriate, but fun names for it. (gets me out of the Philippines for a few months every year)

    My favorite Chinese take-out when I lived in Tucson was was called ‘Wang in the Box’. There is a very famous landmark roadhouse between Anchorage and Fairbanks called ‘Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn’. These kinds of places lend a certain character to the land, in my opinion.

    A new restaurant recently opened in my ‘ex’ hometown in the Matanuska Valley.. they named it ‘Mat-Su Family Restaurant’. Sighhh… (catchy name, must have put a lot of thought into it.)

    Sure, we need to use some restraint, but there is a difference between cute, clever, and filthy.
    We are not teaching our children to grow up and live in an open minded adult world, but instead, building a censored, kid safe, mary poppins world, and sentencing ourselves to live forever in puritan-land. Yawnnnn.

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