4 thoughts on “Go to Urban Dictionary…”

  1. Not my name, just a random one I searched. And… WOW.

    Dirty marcus
    A homosexual sexual maneuver in which person A vapes into the gaping asshole of person B and then continues to suck it back up and blow the vape cloud into person As mouth while they make out.

  2. Dirty Paul
    A sexual technique. Insert middle finger in anus, with palm facing toward you. Quickly turn your hand, so that the back of your hand is now facing you. While twisting, cram your finger in as hard as you can and yell “YEAH IT’S THE DIRTY PAUL BITCH!”
    Man, I’d totally give the dirty paul to that bitch while she was asleep.

  3. Dirty Mark

    Wearing only a football helmet while dead horsing a girl passed out on the couch after a late night dance party.

    TIL what “horsing” means. Thanks, Jonco!

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