Say NO to Drugs!


VERMILION CO- A 27 year old Westville resident was taken into custody by VCSD after a bizarre series of incidents Friday afternoon Deputy conducted a traffic stop after witnessing an otherwise naked woman wearing only a batting helmet driving erratically and throwing bottles at oncoming vehicles.

When deputy approached the driver’s window, Hailee Hamilton grabbed his crotch with both hands and yelled, “Momma needs ham!” She then climbed though the window and fled into an adjacent culvert and crawled up into the pipe several yards.

“We instructed her to come out of there and she just kept hollering, ‘Bring me the ham, or tube steak will do!’,” said Deputy.

A trained negotiator eventually got her to come out by telling her they had some Turbo Crystals and some boys from Danville PD wanted to run a train on her.

Hailee is being held on several charges including traffic violations, sexual assault, and posession of methamphetamine.