4 thoughts on “Quick Thinking Mom…”

  1. I didn’t believe it even before fact-checking.


    There was no truth to this story, which was nothing more than a fabrication originating with the Now44News junk news site.

    Now44News was nearly identical to known hoax purveyor Now8News, both of them junk news sites that masqueraded as the online arms of local television news outlets in order to spread hoaxes and generate ad revenues.

    The image of “Jennifer Bail” that accompanied the article looked quite obviously like a mug shot, and in fact it depicted a Connecticut woman named Sharon Csapilla who was arrested for an unrelated crime in 2015. The unfortunate Csapilla’s flattering photograph was previously appropriated by fake news hucksters for a false tale about a woman’s stabbing her boyfriend in the face over an Instagram selfie.

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