2 thoughts on “Fetish Map of the United States”

  1. I was rather puzzled that Georgia has “Hair Fetish” as the “most popular fetish” in the state so I went to check google trends and found that most of those searches were in metro Atlanta and they appear to be related to a hair salon NAMED “Hair Fetish”. The actual volume of queries for that term is also very low; the PEAK volume appears to be no more than a blip on the trend chart; a side by side comparison with the terms “bondage”, “spanking”, “Big Black Cock”, “Cuckold”, “Pissing”, “BDSM”, “interracial” and every single one of them were consistently searched at least 10x more frequently than “hair fetish” . I also added “hirsute” as a search term (that basically refers to a person that is more hairy than usual) and it appears even less frequently than “hair fetish”

    I viewed these trends over a 5 year history of google trend data – there is no way “Hair Fetish” is the most popular fetish search in Georgia.

    • FYI: anyone can do this pretty easily – go to the website “trends.google.com” and enter a search term; then in the tabs up top you can define the region (for “Georgia” make sure to choose “US – GA” so you don’t search the country of Georgia) – by default it shows the results over the past 12 months but you can change that in that same tab bar up top – Above that you can enter additional search terms and see how they compare with each other over time –


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