1 thought on “A Moving Violation”

  1. This is a great gag but that is pretty obviously a fake ticket; you can see where the “REC” in the circled text has a darker background where it was suddenly pasted over by the “EIVING HEAD WHILE DRIVING” text – It’s even easier to see in this higher rez version of the same image

    also the specific code section cited in the ticket appears to be 4-05 (2) which reads:

    ” (2) The operator of a vehicle shall not make a U-turn upon any street outside a business district unless such turn is made without interfering with the right of way of any vehicle or pedestrian.”

    and has nothing to do with “Distracting Driving” (which would be cited under Section 1212 or 1225 of Article 33 as “Distracted Driving”)


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