Getting off early…

Although scheduled for all-night duty at the station, a police officer was allowed to go home early. Creeping into the house at two o’clock in the morning, he took great pains not to wake his wife.

He undressed in the dark, crept into the bedroom, and began climbing gingerly into bed. But just as he pulled back the sheet, his wife sat up sleepily and said: ‘Darling, would you go down to the all-night drug store on the next block and get some aspirin? I’ve got a splitting headache.’

‘Sure, honey,’ he said, and feeling his way across the room, he got dressed again in the dark and walked to the drug store.

As he entered, the pharmacist looked up in surprise and asked: ‘Aren’t you Officer Maloney of the 10th District?’

‘Yes, that’s right,’ said the officer.

‘Then why on earth are you wearing the Fire Chief’s uniform?’



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