Jenkins, the butler

Following a drunken night out, the teenage daughter of a millionaire was woken in the morning by the family butler.

‘What happened?’ she groaned. ‘I’ve got a throat like sandpaper and my head feels like a bag of cement. I don’t even remember getting into bed last night.’

‘I carried you upstairs, miss,’ said the butler.

‘And where’s my dress?’ she asked.

‘There was a red wine stain on it. Therefore I took the liberty of removing it so that it could be cleaned.’

‘Thanks, Jenkins. But I appear to have lost my underwear too.’

‘It looked as if it was interfering with your circulation,’ said the butler, ‘so I slipped it off.’

‘You’re so considerate, Jenkins. That was quite a night. I must have been really tight.’

‘Only the first time,’ said the butler.