Naughty Bits is back up

Our web host, Dreamhost, was inundated with botnet attacks and took many of the servers down for most of the day yesterday.  This is basically the same issue I had a month or two ago that brought down NB.   Apparently it is more widespread this time.  From Dreamhost:

Website-downMany hosts across our network are affected by an extremely advanced botnet attack that is targeting WordPress logins. The nature and rate of the attacks make it hard to block, and it can cause host servers to run out of available resources rather quickly.

Our Systems Engineering team has adjusted our security rules on incoming web connections to help mitigate WordPress attacks and we’re seeing greater stability across all data centers. We’ve rolled out this update across all servers, but there are machines that require individual attention and our admin team is working very hard on getting these machines stabilized. If your sites are still down, it is very likely that you are on a machine that hasn’t yet been brought under control.

They’re working on a permanent fix for the problem but we seem to be back in business today.  We’re sorry for an inconvenience this may cause you.


We’re Back…. For a while anyway…

Website-downAfter a week long fiasco of our case getting lost in tech-support Naughty Bits is back online.  We’re still assessing the issue and making changes here and there to try and keep the rogues away. 

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon…. whatever that is.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.  Just imagine how I feel.



Naughty Bits is Back!

Spam attackWe’ve had an Hellacious two days since the site was taken down because of what was found to be someone in China slamming the site with thousands of spam comments per day for the last ten days or so.  The bastards doing that were causing trouble on other sites that are hosted on the same server as Naughty Bits and that’s why they shut NB down. 

We’ve had to install a couple more plugins to try to deter comment spam and we have blocked anyone in China from commenting on a post.  So, if you happen to be in China you can still see the site but you can’t leave any comments.  By the way, if you are in China and see the asshole that caused all these headaches you have my permission to kick his ass.  I’ll buy you a beer for doing it too!

A big thanks to Les who got under the hood and did the dirty work.


There still seems to be some lingering problems with accessing previous pages and comments.  We’re working to correct them.  Stay tuned.

I think I’ve addressed the problems and things seem to be working now.